Cannabis Chimichurri for Summer Grilling

June 9, 2017


Grilling season has arrived which means it's time for some mouthwatering sauces to accompany grilled steak, chicken and vegetables. We love this simple recipe for 'Cannachurri' - our take on the popular Argentinean herb sauce Chimichurri. 


The bright flavors of the parsley, cilantro and other green herbs pair perfectly with the flavors of cannabis. Since this recipe calls for CannaOil, we recommend infusing olive oil with a strain that contains Myrcene. Myrcene is the terpene that delivers flavors and aromas of fresh garden herbs and other earthy, herbaceous notes. This magical terpene also offers many therapeutic benefits including relaxed muscles, stress relief and reduced anxiety.


OG Kush is a good strain to cook with due to its complementing flavors and heightened Myrcene levels. This hybrid strain is also widely available and pairs well with heartier meals or lighter dishes. Use trim or shake when infusing your CannaOil.


When you're ready to start grilling, this flavorful Cannachurri recipe only takes 10 minutes to prepare and is suitable for any cookout or weeknight meal. We recommend serving at room temperature or slightly warm. 


As we love supporting local vendors, we recommend sourcing ingredients from your local dispensary and market. This recipe serves 4 - 6 (adults only). We hope enjoy this steak-friendly garnish! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Cannabis Chimichurri aka Cannachurri


4 - 6 servings 

Prep: 10 minutes




2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small shallot, minced or chopped

1 lemon, juice and zest

1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped

1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

2 teaspoons dried oregano

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

4 tablespoons Greek olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil (add more if needed)

4 - 6 teaspoons CannaOil (see our recipe here)


Cooking Accessories Needed:

Food processor or blender

Small serving bowl





1. In the food processor bowl, combine all ingredients except CannaOil, olive oil and salt. Pulse until finely minced.


2. Scrape sides of the food processor bowl or blender with a spoon and continue to pulse. 


3. Add CannaOil and olive oil into the mixture and stir until it turns into a thick dressing. Add salt and continue to mix.


4. Your recipe is complete. Transfer the newly made Cannachurri into a serving bowl and be sure to pair with grilled steak, chicken or vegetables. Enjoy!



Recommended Wine Pairing:

Mendel Malbec 2014, Mendoza Argentina - We couldn't resist pairing this classic Argentinean sauce with a bold Malbec from Mendoza. The Mendel Malbec 2014 presents aromas and flavors of dark red fruits, violets and roasted herbs. It is the perfect wine for grilling and good match for a variety of side dishes. To purchase this wine, please click here.



Peace, Love & Cannabis,


The Herb Somm



Fresh parsley and cilantro


 Cannachurri ingredients in the food processor before blending


 Cannachurri ready to pair with chicken, steak or vegetables



The Fine Print:

You assume all risk from the use of our recipes. Neither The Herb Somm nor the authors shall be liable for any injury or damage to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the information provided in this guide. Neither The Herb Somm nor authors are liable for any allergic reaction to any ingredient listed in our recipes - including cannabis. No legal, medical, or other professional relationship exists between The Herb Somm and those reading our guides. Under no circumstance should any recipes or pairings be given to children. Adults 21+ only.


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