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Celebrate Fall Flavors With This Delicious Non-Alcoholic CBD Sangria

The Herb Somm's CBD Sangria Infused With Care By Design Hemp

As the summer season comes to an end, September is the perfect time to celebrate fall flavors. Apples, oranges, cranberries, and spices make a wonderful addition to a number of drinks, including CBD sangria! If you’re looking to take a break from alcohol, this zero-proof infused sangria is incredibly easy to make and customizable depending on what fall fruits you have access to. For this recipe, I prefer using Honeycrisp apples and Cara Cara red navel oranges due to their unique flavors, but feel free to use your favorite apple and orange varieties depending on what’s in stock at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

Since this recipe is alcohol-free, you won’t find wine, brandy, or other liqueurs in this sangria. Instead, I recommend combining cranberry juice, spiced apple cider, orange juice, and a variety of spices for a festive blend of tart and sweet flavors. To enhance the drink with CBD, Care By Design Hemp “Relief” Sublingual Drops make a wonderful addition. This terpene-forward blend predominantly contains beta-Caryophyllene, the spicy terpene that’s commonly found in black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, which naturally complements the sangria’s autumn spice notes.

Since you’re adding oil into this drink, you’ll want to muddle the Care By Design Hemp “Relief” drops with some macerated fruit at the bottom of a stemless wine glass to help prevent the oil from separating out. To do so, apply pressure with a muddler to muddle/emulsify the ingredients together. This technique also helps release the flavors of the fresh ingredients that you’re working with, allowing the muddled mixture to bind with your liquid ingredients more easily. After you add the sangria and a splash of club soda, you can also dot the top of the drink with a few drops of the terpene-rich “Relief” blend to enhance the aromas!

Ready to try this delicious fall beverage at home? Keep reading for the full recipe and be sure to stay tuned for more Herb Somm x Care By Design Hemp drink collaborations as part of the Elevated Elixirs series that we’ll be featuring this fall and holiday season. Enjoy!


Non-Alcoholic Fall CBD Sangria

The Herb Somm's CBD Sangria Infused With Care By Design Hemp

Servings: 8 drinks

Target Dose: 24 mg blend of CBD and CBDa per drink (using Care By Design Hemp “Relief” Sublingual Drops)



Shallow saucer

Stemless wine glasses



Bar spoon


Fall CBD Sangria

1 orange

2 apples

½ cup fresh or frozen whole cranberries

3 cinnamon sticks

1 teaspoon whole allspice

½ teaspoon whole cloves

1 whole nutmeg

5 cups cranberry juice

2 cups spiced apple cider

2 cups orange juice, pulp removed

1 dropperful Care By Design Hemp “Relief” Sublingual Drops (or your preferred dose)

Club soda

Cinnamon stick to garnish

Cinnamon Sugar Rim

Orange wedge

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon


Begin by preparing the fruit. Slice the orange into rounds, leaving the peel on. Next, core the apples and then slice them into pieces. Layer the cranberries and sliced fruit in the bottom of a serving pitcher. Add the cinnamon sticks, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, and juices. Stir to combine then let the sangria chill in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours, stirring occasionally from time to time. The longer the sangria rests, the better the flavor as the juices and fruits soak in the fall spices!

While the sangria is resting, create the cinnamon sugar rim. Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a shallow saucer. Mix together well using a spoon. Rim the stemless wine glasses with an orange wedge and then dip the top of each glass into the cinnamon sugar blend to create a sugared rim. Set aside.

Once you’re ready to serve the sangria, use a ladle to scoop out a few pieces of the macerated fruit, then add the fruit to the bottom of each wine glass. Add the Care By Design Hemp “Relief” Sublingual Drops to each glass, then gently muddle the oil into the fruit to help prevent it from separating out. Top the glasses with the fall sangria and the remaining macerated fruit. Add a splash of club soda, then stir together using a bar spoon. Dot the top of the drink with the Care By Design Hemp “Relief” oil to boost the aromas, then garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

The Herb Somm's CBD Sangria Infused With Care By Design Hemp

The Herb Somm's CBD Sangria Infused With Care By Design Hemp

The Herb Somm's CBD Sangria Infused With Care By Design Hemp

About the Author:

Jamie Evans, The Herb Somm and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD

Jamie Evans is the founder of The Herb Somm and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore the World of Cannabidiol. She is an author, entrepreneur, and writer specializing in cannabis, food, recipes, wine, and the canna-culinary world. In addition to her work in the cannabis industry, Jamie has over a decade of wine industry experience and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. Having represented a wide array of organizations and wineries, she is best known for her literary work and producing high-end events. She was also named as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers in 2018. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheHerbSomm.


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