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Breaking the Stigma: Rebranding the Pot Head

Cannabis is not for “lazy potheads”. This common misconception just isn’t true. As we learn more and more about this miracle plant including its many medicinal benefits, it is clear that cannabis can help heal people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a chef, musician, artist, sommelier, CEO, lawyer, doctor, teacher and beyond - cannabis is a wellness tool that is helping people find balance, health and wellbeing. It’s time to rebrand the pothead.

As we continue to educate, innovate and keep smart dosing top of mind, attitudes will change and so will the perceived identity of “the pothead”. It’s also important to realize cultural uses are changing. Instead of taking blind bong rips and rolling fatties with who knows what, cannabis enthusiasts are seeking a more intellectual approach and want to learn about different varietals, correct dosage amounts and what medical benefits can be found with the correct balance of THC and CBD. This curiosity and thirst for knowledge is what makes cannabis so captivating. There is so much to learn!

Consumers are also taking a proactive approach to discover new ways on how to best use cannabis safely. Instead of smoking, there are many new ways to utilize this herb. Edibles, topical creams, cannabis coffee and other infused products are becoming a healthy alternative. There is also a gourmet revolution that has sparked the interest of many top chefs. The idea of pairing cannabis with different flavors and understanding terpene profiles has opened a new door into the culinary world.

Innovative adaptations and scientific research are also helping change the perception of the “pothead”. For instance, DeepCell Industries, a technology development company focusing on material science and cannabinoid molecule discoveries, has created pre-infused sweeteners and salts that can be used in many different types of products. Rather than using a fat-soluble product (butter or oil), this healthier form of cannabis can be used for cooking which has led to many new products and ways for medical patients to take medicine. Pretty cool, right?

With the emergence of such a wide of variety of accessories and products, cannabis use is more scientific than ever before. As the industry continues to push the limits and use technology to make new discoveries, the old “lazy pothead” brand just doesn’t hold up. It’s time to recognize the potential of this plant and embrace those who have pioneered the way.

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm



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