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A Vape for the Modern Cannabis Consumer

Kurvana’s line of premium products are the perfect match for any palate

(photo credit: Kurvana)

Whether you are new to cannabis or bona fide pro, navigating through the vast array of herbal products can sometimes feel overwhelming. Edibles, smokeables, and infused drinkables - how do you know if the product is right for you? Is there a brand that can accommodate every type of consumer in this new day and age of cannabis?

Founded in 2014 by a small, passionate group of cannabis experts, Kurvana was created for the modern consumer. The company’s mission was to revolutionize the vaporizer category through creative engineering, scientific discovery, and manufacturing excellence dedicated to using only the finest full-spectrum extracts.

Fast forward to 2018, Kurvana has stayed true to these founding principles. After years of research and innovation, they’ve developed a proprietary 50-step process to purify the essential cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural ingredients that contribute to the unique experience of vaping with full spectrum Kurvana oil.

“Our goal is to maintain uncompromising levels of quality while delivering a wide range of cannabis products, in an elevated manner," says Allison Luvera, Head of Marketing for Kurvana. "By creating multiple lines, some defined by their high-cannabinoid levels and others focused on terpene expressions, we hope that every consumer who is interested in cannabis finds something that works for them, and for a variety of occasions. We also take a lot of pride in our design aesthetic, and feel that our commitment to high standards in that area has been key to welcoming novice consumers into the cannabis space, while providing an extraordinary experience to long-time vape fans.”

(photo credit: Kurvana)

Focusing on purity, depth, and complexity, Kurvana currently produces three lines of vaporizer products: ASCND, KPEN Originals, and KPEN Infusions. Each line is dedicated to a particular palate ranging from the curious newbie to the refined cannabis connoisseur. The oils used are extracted from some of the most celebrated strains in California including Blue Dream, Tangie, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, and True OG, all with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles. There is also a balanced selection of sativa-dominant strains, hybrids, and indica-dominant strains, that are fit for any occasion. Consumers can choose from one (or all three) of the following vaporizer categories:

For the Refined Palate: ASCND

ASCND vaporizers are made for the experienced cannabis user that prefers the highest levels of potency on the market. Known as Kurvana’s flagship line, these special vapes can reach up to 95%+ THC due to ASCND’s primary focus on elevated cannabinoid contents. Even though ASCND has a light and delicate taste, be aware that it functions as a “dab-on-the-go” vaporizer because of Kurvana’s highly potent cannabis oils. If your body needs a hefty dose of cannabinoids, ASCND is your perfect match.

For a full ASCND experience, look for Purple Punch, Amnesia Haze, and Pink Sherbert.

For the Traditional Palate: KPEN Originals

Kurvana’s KPEN Originals line is dedicated to maintaining a “true to strain” taste and feel of natural flower by primarily focusing on terpenes. An excellent choice for those who love expressive profiles, Originals consists of 11 popular vaporizer flavors that preserve the “original phytochemical fingerprint” of each plant during the extraction process. Light and refreshing on the palate, this line of premium vapes is a great match for the moderate cannabis user, consisting of the classic aromas of flavors that are associated with herbal products. The Originals line is also ideal for cannabis enthusiasts that are looking for moderate psychoactive effects - a perfect option for both daytime and nighttime usage.

A few Originals favorites to look for include Citron OG, Grapefruit Kush, True OG, and Sour Diesel.

For the Beginner Palate: KPEN Infusions

If your journey with cannabis has just begun, Kurvana’s KPEN Infusions line is a fantastic way to get familiar with the vaporizer category, especially if you are leaning towards something that contains cannabidiol (CBD). If you are new to CBD, it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is best known for providing the benefits of cannabis without getting you high. This popular cannabinoid has a variety of therapeutic uses including pain relief, anti-nausea, and anti-anxiety. Kurvana’s KPEN Infusions line offers two CBD:THC vaporizer options as well as two additional flavors that are infused with real fruits and botanicals.

For a balanced Kurvana experience, look for Sunset Tea or Banana Smoothie containing both CBD and low-dose THC for a mild psychoactive experience.

(photo credit: Kurvana)

Regardless of what product line you choose, the Kurvana team continues to look for ways to grow and refine the vaporizer category. Dedicated to innovation and a rigorous quality assurance program, Kurvana produces consistent products, every time, for every consumer.

All three of Kurvana’s product lines are available throughout the state of California. Please click here to see a listing of their current licensed retail partners. For more information, please visit

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

Jamie Evans

Founder, The Herb Somm

About The Author

Jamie Evans is the founder of The Herb Somm. She is an educator, host, and writer specializing in cannabis, food, recipes, wine, and the canna-culinary world. In addition to her work in the cannabis industry, Jamie has over ten years of wine industry experience. Having represented a wide array of organizations and wineries, she is best known for producing high-end events and developing top-notch public relations, marketing, and hospitality programs. She was also recently named as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers in 2018.

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