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Awaken Your Taste Buds With This Zero-Proof Summer Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma

The Herb Somm's Summer Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma CBD and THC Cannabis Drink

In the world of cannabis mixology, citrus fruits top the list when it comes to complementary ingredients that enhance an infused beverage. Lemons, limes, and grapefruits are incredibly terpene-rich and provide bright, uplifting notes that energize the palate. When crafting cocktails or spirit-free mixed drinks at home, citrus fruits can liven up some of the other ingredients that you’re working with. They not only contribute to the complexity of a drink, but citrus fruits also help balance the beverage’s profile due to a natural blend of sour/sweet aromas and flavors.

Remarkably, hops also present citrusy notes that can be effortlessly infused into our favorite imbibes. This is one of the reason’s why I love creating citrus-forward drinks using Hi-Fi Hops!

Both refreshing and energizing, this non-alcoholic Sparkling Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma is the perfect beverage to wind down summer. Including grapefruit juice, lime juice, lemon juice, Hi-Fi Hops 18:1 Hoppy Sparkling Water, and a hint of sweet agave, this alcohol-free mixed drink will quench your thirst while keeping you feeling balanced with a high CBD to low THC ratio, perfect for afternoon enjoyment. This delightful zero-proof blend is also easy-to-make, taking less than 5 minutes to assemble. For best results, make sure to use fresh-squeezed citrus juices and be sure to add a salted rim to make the flavors pop.

Enjoy and click here to find Hi-Fi Hops in California or Colorado. Cheers!


Zero-Proof Sparkling Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma

The Herb Somm's Summer Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma CBD and THC Cannabis Drink

Servings: 1

Target Dose: 9 milligrams CBD | <1mg THC (using ½ bottle of Hi-Fi Hops 18:1 Hoppy Sparkling Water. Use the second half of the bottle to create a second round. You’re going to want more than one!)


Saucer or bowl

Old-fashioned glass

Shaker Tin

Hawthorne strainer

Bar spoon


Salted Rim

Lime wedge

1 tablespoon salt

Sparkling Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma

3 ounces fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, plus wedge for garnish

¾ ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice

¼ ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice

½ ounce agave nectar



Begin by creating the salted rim. Add the salt into a shallow saucer or bowl. Rim the glass with a lime wedge and then dip the glass into the salt creating the rim. Add fresh ice into the glass, then set aside. Add the grapefruit juice, lime juice, lemon juice, and agave nectar in the bottom of a shaker tin. Add ice, then shake for 10 - 15 seconds or until very cold. Carefully strain the liquid into the salted glass filled with ice. Top with Hi-Fi Hops 18:1 Hoppy Sparkling Water, then gently stir the drink using a bar spoon. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and seasonal flowers, then enjoy!

The Herb Somm's Summer Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma CBD and THC Cannabis Drink

The Herb Somm's Summer Citrus Hi-Fi Paloma CBD and THC Cannabis Drink

About the Author:

Jamie Evans is the founder of The Herb Somm and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore the World of Cannabidiol. She is an author, entrepreneur, and writer specializing in cannabis, food, recipes, wine, and the canna-culinary world. In addition to her work in the cannabis industry, Jamie has over a decade of wine industry experience and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. Having represented a wide array of organizations and wineries, she is best known for her literary work and producing high-end events. She was also named as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers in 2018. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheHerbSomm.



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