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Champagne & Cannabis: 5 Celebratory Pairings to Ring in the New Year

2018 is just around the corner, which means you might be searching for the perfect Champagne and cannabis pairing to ring in the New Year! As this year comes to an end, legalization in California is just about to begin. There's no better way to celebrate than popping open a bottle of your favorite bubbly perfectly paired with some of this year’s most popular strains.

Before we get to the pairings, it’s important to remember that Champagne and sparkling wines are some of the most versatile beverages around. Due to higher acidity levels and subtle flavors, these wines pair exceptionally well with many different foods and occasions. For example, I recently enjoyed Veuve Clicquot paired with $10 Chinese food, and it was delicious!

When trying to find the perfect Champagne and cannabis pairing, balance must be top of mind. You don't want one to overpower the other on your palate. It's all about finding the balance!

Another key to a successful pairing is to match cannabis terpene profiles with complimentary aromas and flavors of the Champagne. Use your nose and palate to create the perfect combinations! Here are a few suggested pairing:

Tangie & Brut Nature

Why this works?

Tangie is a popular strain that exhibits bright notes of tangerine, lemon, and fresh squeezed orange juice due to its expressive limonene profile. Bursting with bright citrus notes, finding a Champagne that has a similar profile and tangy aromas and flavors is key to a successful pairing. With this in mind, a Brut Nature is the perfect match because zero sugar is added to this Champagne which creates a dry and crisp wine. This lively combination is as zingy as it gets, energizing you for the big night!

Below is a recommended Brut Nature Champagne to look for:

OG Kush & Blanc de Blancs

Why this works?

One of the most popular strains meets one of the most popular styles of Champagne. OG Kush is a strain that exhibits classic notes of lemon and citrus with hints of earth and toasted wood. These characteristics come from the terpenes limonene and myrcene, which deliver a happy and euphoric high - very similar to sipping a fine Blanc de Blancs! This Champagne is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes hence the name (aka “white from white"). Blanc de Blancs is lighter and dryer compared to a Blanc de Noirs, so this bubbly has bountiful citrus notes that are known to dazzle the palate. If you find an aged Blanc de Blancs, you’ll notice enticing toasty or woody characteristics that are highlighted when paired with OG Kush.

Below are a few favorite Blanc de Blancs to look for:

Why this works?

Get your party hat ready because this pairing will take your senses on a journey of pleasure and euphoria! Stemming from a cross between Blueberry x Haze, Blue Dream enchants the palate with its distinct notes of fresh picked blueberries with a hint of vanilla resembling a blueberry cobbler. Due to the strains natural sweetness, I love pairing Blue Dream with Brut Champagne. Brut is classified as a dry wine, meaning it has a minimal dosage with less than 12 grams of sugar per liter. With comforting aromas of almonds, hazelnut, and vanilla, this pairing compliments each other and makes for an excellent dessert pairing. Try adding a few blueberries to your Champagne glass for some extra flavor!

Below are a few Brut Champagnes to look for:

Skywalker OG & Blanc de Noirs

Why this works?

The Force is strong with this pairing, so be prepared to take your taste buds to a galaxy far, far away. As an offspring of Skywalker and OG Kush, Skywalker OG is packed with herbal and earthy notes, followed by a hint of sweetness. This pungent strain is meant to be paired with a bolder Champagne such as Blanc de Noirs. This particular type of sparkling wine is vinified as a white, but produced from red grapes including Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This is why the wine is called Blanc de Noirs (aka white from black). The earthiness in Skywalker OG is complimented by the rich fruity, earthy notes that you’ll find common in a Blanc de Noirs.

Below are a few Blanc de Noirs to look for:

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) & Rosé

Why this works?

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? Much like the classic cookie, Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC) is a cannabis strain that intertwines the nostalgic aromas and flavors of cherry, mint, spices, and earth. This hybrid strain is known for its relaxing and enjoyable side effects, almost like eating a batch of your favorite crunchy cookies. Because it is a slightly sweet strain, it’s important to find a bubbly that can compliment GSC's bolder flavors such as Rosé Champagne. Known for its red fruit flavors, creamy mouthfeel, and gorgeous pink/orange color, this Champagne is the perfect match for the occasion.

Below are a few Rosé Champagnes to look for:

Enjoy and cheers to the New Year!

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm



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