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7 Infused Recipes to Cozy Up With This Fall

Is it fall yet? This is the first question that comes to mind after Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Swimsuit season is officially over which means we can begin to dig out the boots and sweaters and look forward to richer dishes that combine the fantastic flavors of autumn. Think apples, cinnamon, pumpkins, warm spices, and comfort food. Yes, harvest season is upon us.

As we begin to approach the autumnal equinox, welcoming the new season with a few tasty recipes is the perfect way to get into the fall mood. We’ve curated a list of seven infused culinary creations that you can cozy up to as the air becomes crisp and cool. Light up a joint, pour a glass of red wine, and put on your favorite pair of wool socks - it’s time to cook some fall classics.

1. Pumpkin Spice Cannabis Latte

Nothing kicks off the beginning of fall better than a pumpkin spice latte. Forget Starbucks, creating your own latte at home is fun and easy plus you can add your own ‘special’ ingredients. A great recipe we came across was developed by Cannabis Cheri. Combining all the right flavors, this pumpkin spice latte calls for decarboxylated kief which can also be made a home. Click here for the guide. If you don’t want to use kief, substitute this ingredient for a CBD oil. Add a few drops to the recipe during step three and mix before topping with whipped cream. Know your tolerance to dose the latte safely.

2. Cannabis Caramel Apples

The peak of apple season begins in early September. With so many delicious varieties to choose from, finding a recipe that incorporates apples is a great way to enjoy the season’s signature fruit. One of our favorites is Cannabis Caramel Apples. Can you think of a better combination? Homemade sea salted caramel sauce is easy to infuse plus it only requires five ingredients: granulated sugar, salted butter, CannaButter, heavy whipping cream, and sea salt. To prepare at home, follow our favorite recipe here crafted by Sally’s Baking Addiction but modify the butter ingredient by adding CannaButter (5 tablespoons butter: 1 tablespoons CannaButter). This recipe will yield 1 cup of caramel sauce. To make the caramel apples, remove the stems from four medium sized apples and insert a skewer stick (2 sticks per apple) or a craft stick into the apple core. Once the caramel cools and becomes thick and sticky, roll each apple in the caramel sauce until it's well coated. The trick is to make sure the caramel is thick enough so it doesn't run off. Place on a buttered cookie sheet to set. Add chopped nuts or drizzle with chocolate sauce for extra flavor. Chill in the refrigerator until the caramel has hardened.

3. Infused Coconut Butternut Squash Soup

Besides apples and pumpkins, squash is another seasonal treat that can be enjoyed during autumn and the winter months. We love Sous Weed’s recipe for Coconut Butternut Squash Soup. The smooth, rich flavor provides comfort during chilly weather and can be dressed up with a variety of extra toppings including homemade croutons, fresh herbs or other types of garnish. Infused with Sous Weed’s Avocuddle Oil, this soup is one healthy recipe that will leave you with a warm, cozy fall feeling.

4. Baked Old-Fashioned Macaroni & Cheese

Growing up, macaroni and cheese was a staple food in the kitchen. The ever-popular ‘blue box’ made many appearances during childhood but in adult years it’s all about the homemade baked macaroni and cheese. This is one comfort food that will never get old, and it’s a perfect dish to prepare during fall. One of our favorite recipes is HERB’s Old-Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese infused with CannaButter (see our CannaButter recipe here). This recipe serves eight and includes panko crusted bread crumbs to ensure the top of the macaroni is extra crispy. Yum! To create a spicy macaroni, add minced fresh jalapeños for a kick of flavor.

5. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

In a few short weeks, pumpkins are going to start appearing on front door steps, grocery stores, at work, and pretty much everywhere you look during the fall season. Besides carving, there are so many other ways to utilize this festive gourd, especially in the kitchen. Infused roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious and healthy snack to look forward to every year. To cook at home, use our very own recipe as follows. The first step is to save your pumpkin seeds when carving. Take a large spoon and dig out the material that’s inside of the pumpkin. Separate the seeds as best as you can and place into a colander to rinse off. Next, use a paper towel to remove excess water and line a baking sheet with foil. Pour the cleaned pumpkin seeds into a mixing bowl and add two teaspoons of CannaOil and your favorite seasonings. We love using rosemary and sea salt but it’s also fun to try this recipe with cayenne pepper or Greek seasoning. Toss all ingredients in the bowl until completely covered. Pour the seeds onto the baking tray and spread out evenly. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 - 45 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the seeds from heat and enjoy!

6. Apple CBD Cider

With so many choices of apples during fall, homemade apple cider is truly the best. Whether you choose Gala, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp or anything in between, Mom's Homemade Apple Cider recipe from is incredibly delicious and is a festive drink if you are entertaining guests. All it requires is 8-10 apples, sugar, cinnamon, and all-spice. Make sure you have a large stock pot because you will be boiling the apples for about an hour. You’ll also want cheese cloth and a strainer handy to remove unwanted pulp and seeds. After the batch of cider has been made, there are a couple of approaches you can use for the CBD infusion. The first way, and most delicious, is to add a teaspoon of medicated caramel to each cup of hot cider (see caramel recipe above). Stir until the caramel melts which will create a sumptuous mixture of fall flavors. The second way to infuse the cider is to use CBD oil drops. Add a few drops to each cup after the cider has reached a safe drinking temperature. Remember to always keep your tolerance in mind and be sure to dose accurately and safely, especially if you are serving guests.

7. Harvest Muffins

Fall is known for its bountiful harvest. Many crops throughout California reach optimal ripeness in early September which keeps farmers busy throughout the season as delicious fruits and vegetables become available. A tasty recipe that combines some of the season's freshest ingredients is PotCafe’s Harvest Muffins. This recipe can be found on the PotCafe YouTube channel which provides a step-by-step guide to baking. These easy-to-make muffins include chunks of apples, shredded carrots, chopped walnuts, shredded coconut, and a healthy serving of CannaOil perfect for baking. This recipe yields one dozen muffins and is a special treat to celebrate autumn and harvest.

As summer comes to a close, try one or all of these recipes to greet the new season ahead. Share your thoughts in the comment section below if you find a new fall favorite. We hope you enjoy these seasonal classics!

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm


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