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A Route to Wellness: Cannabis is Better than Booze

When it comes to drinking alcohol, one of two things happens. I either go for a fine glass of wine paired with my meal or straight to the bottle, forget to eat and skip the water. Regardless of my decision, I end up with a hangover.

Even if it’s just a glass or two, I feel the brutal effects the next day. Back in college I recovered like a champion but those days are long gone and so is my liver. My hangover symptoms include swelling and inflammation in my lower back (probably my kidneys shutting down) followed by gnarly nausea. I’ve had hangovers so terrible that I literally can’t get up, consumption of sustenance is impossible and yoga or any other exercise is definitely out. Ibuprofen makes it worse and my recovery takes hours - the only thing that seems to bring me back to life is weed.

Believe me, I’m not bragging. Anyone can recognize that drinking is toxic and takes maturity to do so in moderation. It can also lead to decreased inhibition, depression, weight gain and fatal accidents. After years of experiencing these side effects, I know my body is unable to process alcohol and it tells me so by the way it hurts when I do consume.

On my 29th birthday, I decided that I was going to change my life. I wanted my skin to glow, I wanted to wake up without headaches or pain in my organs, and I wanted to not drink so much - or really ever.

I didn’t need to go to AA to make this decision. In fact it was quite easy to reduce consumption. And like most habitual humans, I replaced one vice for another. This time for one with fewer consequences, many medicinal benefits, and one that made me feel better even on the worst of days. Cannabis.

Cannabis is a miracle herb. It is known to treat Glaucoma, reverse the effects of lung disease, helps control seizures, fights cancer cells, decreases anxiety, helps the metabolism, keeps your waistline trim plus so much more!

By limiting the booze and taking an herbal approach, my body and soul are happy again. Below are a few benefits that I've personally discovered so far.

1. I fall asleep faster, sleep sounder, wake up rested and ready for the day

2. I feel a better connection with my body and more aware of what it needs

3. I want to exercise - I love getting on my yoga mat and stretching it out

4. I crave fresh air so a hike or a walk with my dog always sounds like a great idea

5. My culinary skills are on point - I feel creative in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoy every last bite

6. I have quieter nights and more productive days

These are just a few positive side effects that I've experienced so far and I am proud to say that I smoke pot instead of drink alcohol. With this new found appreciation, my intention is to offer relevant wellness tips that include this ancient plant. Whether that be in the yoga studio, garden or simply at home in one's own comfort. We all need a way to cope and I’m going to show you how.

Until next time,

Mary Jane


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