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TSO Sonoma: Creating a Luxury Cannabis Brand

(Photo Credit: Jessica Layton Photography)

Pure. Clean. Unaltered. These are three words that describe TSO pronounced “so”, Northern California’s newest luxury brand that is committed to producing the highest standard of organically-grown cannabis. Last week we sat down with TSO Founder Devika Maskey to discuss the company, and to learn what goes into creating a high-quality cannabis product.

Based in Healdsburg, California, TSO’s philosophy to growing great herb begins with passion and dedication to the soil. “We only produce products that are 100% cannabis,” explains Maskey. “Pesticides, additives, and fillers are not involved in any stage of the production process.”

TSO’s high-end cannabis products are tested for pesticides at every level: flower, oil, and the finished product. Maskey believes using precise and stringent security checks are extremely important, especially when creating cannabis oil when high levels of pesticides are often magnified in the extraction process.

Due to TSO’s growing region and unique terroir, the type of strains used for their products is also important. The company currently grows a handful of cannabis varieties including Gorilla Glue, Headband, Zkittles, Candyland, Harle-Tsu, Sour Diesel, among others, all organically farmed in Sonoma County and Lake County. Recently partnering with Flow Kana, another advocate for artisanal cannabis, consumers will be able to purchase their flower direct in the upcoming months.

TSO’s organically grown cannabis farm (Photo Credit: TSO Sonoma)

In addition to their herb, TSO offers a line of premium vape pens that are made with medical grade materials only. You won’t find plastic on their signature Mindful Pen that includes a 2:1 blend of Sativa and CBD oil.

TSO’s Mindful Pen (Photo Credit: Jessica Layton Photography)

TSO’s gorgeous packaging is also visually dazzling, fitted with an image of a golden goddess surrounded by flowers and nature. The piece of artwork used titled “The Awakening” was created by Ivan Marchuk, a notable surrealist artist based in the Ukraine.

“My vision was to find a piece of art that reminded me of mother nature. Something warm and organic.” Maskey says. “When I saw Marchuk’s painting, I knew it was the one. We licensed the artwork shortly afterward and now use it for our packaging.”

TSO’s Mindful Pen Packaging (Photo Credit: Jessica Layton Photography)

Even TSO’s name has a significant meaning. Stemming from the Native American Yuki-Wappo dialect, Sonoma was once spelled “Tsō-nōma” derived from “tsō” (earth), and nō'ma (village). See reference here.

With impressive attention to detail, everything about TSO is exceptional. As an auspicious business owner and entrepreneur, you can tell Devika Maskey has always had an eye for luxury branding. Before starting TSO, she launched Ellipsis Wine Company with her husband Jonathan, a fellow Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate who had a passion for winemaking and gifted green thumb for growing. The two shared a love for agriculture and moved back to Sonoma County where they currently operate both businesses.

Founder Devika Maskey presenting TSO during the brand’s “Elevated Evening” event in July 2017

(Photo Credit: Jessica Layton Photography)

Officially launching in November 2017, TSO is genuinely a brand with integrity both inside and out. Be sure to keep an eye out for some new additions to their product line releasing this January. Below is a gallery of images if you’d like to continue to explore.

A special thank you to Devika and her team for producing such a superior product. To learn more, please visit or follow @tso.sonoma on Instagram and Facebook.

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm


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