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The Future of Cannabis

The next generation of cannabis products have arrived with OLO leading the charge

(photo credit: OLO)

Imagine a product that could help you feel active, social, focused, or chill at any given moment. Now, imagine a product that’s been made to enhance your favorite activities, events, or social settings, while delivering a reliable cannabis experience that is backed by science. Does something like this actually exist? Meet OLO, the future of cannabis.

On a warm sunny day in August, I met with the OLO team in Richmond, California. As a cannabis enthusiast and writer, I’ve had my fair share of experimenting with different products, but OLO was something that uniquely sparked my interest due to their dedication to the science of cannabis and how terpenes and cannabinoids interact with the human body. After engaging in some light conversation, OLO’s vision became clear. This is a company that seeks to go beyond the strain. It’s not just about sativa versus indica or Tangie versus Granddaddy Purple, which traditional cannabis marketing has led us to believe. OLO’s created something special that is entirely new to the market, leading the way for next-generation cannabis products.

By working with an extensive team of biochemists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and cannabis specialists, OLO developed a new line of revolutionary sublingual strips that have been designed to cater to four unique experiences: Active, Social, Focus, and Chill.

(photo credit: The Herb Somm)

Using science to determine the best cannabinoid and terpene levels and by undergoing over 500 consumer focus groups, OLO succeeded in engineering distinct formulas that play on the “entourage effect,” which is the interactive synergy between cannabis compounds. For OLO, sublingual strips were the perfect delivery device for their formula, allowing for the 25+ active cannabinoids and terpenes compounds to quickly dissolve into the bloodstream for fast-acting results that deliver unique effects.

So why develop these four experiences? By carefully examining the primary reactions consumers feel while using cannabis, the OLO team determined that herbal products are best known to generate mellow, inspired, sensorial, creative, and centered effects. From there, they created a “secret sauce” that identifies the distinct nature of each experience hence Active, Social, Chill, and Focus.

(photo credit: OLO)

“Our vision was to create a low-dose product that is precise and consistent with every use,” states Sierra Lewis, Vice President of Product Development for OLO. “ For the past two years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a sublingual strip that delivers a pure, clean, and pleasant high that empowers the consumer with a supreme sense of control and functionality.”

Coming from a history of developing cosmetics with the goal of helping women look and feel beautiful, Lewis is no stranger to working with a product that is dedicated to helping others. “When I left the cosmetics world, I was constantly trying to manage my anxiety. I often found relief when I would use cannabis. After seeing how much cannabis helped improve my own life, I knew this is what I wanted to dedicate my life to,” she remarks.

Shortly afterward, she met Andrew Mack, Founder, and CEO of OLO. Inspired by his vision, brand concept, and drive for excellence, she moved from New York to California to join the OLO team. Currently, Sierra Lewis works on all aspects of product development, including making sure each OLO experience works effectively and efficiently. She is also in charge of consumer testing, spearheading the company’s focus groups.

“Our new line is the next generation of consumable cannabis,” she states. “Sublingual strips are a good option for anyone looking for a non-smoking or vaping experience. Sublinguals are also great for micro-dosing and are more precise than the standard edible. Sometimes it takes two hours for an edible to kick in. With OLO, effects set in within minutes.”

Sierra Lewis displaying OLO strips (photo credit: OLO)

After meeting with Sierra and the OLO team, I had to try the strips for myself. As a low-dose cannabis fan, I was excited to see that each piece is dosed at 5 milligrams or 10 milligrams, and can easily be cut in half depending on the situation.

If you’ve ever experienced a sublingual before the trick is to keep the strip under your tongue until it completely dissolves. Because the formula hits the bloodstream so quickly, OLO’s effects set in fast and can typically last between 3 - 5 hours.

The first strip I decided to experiment with was the 5-milligram “Focus.” It was a Friday afternoon and my goal for the day was to get my to-do list done before the weekend. Excited to finally try it out, I put the strip under my tongue at 4:30 pm. I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing mint taste, with a slight hint of green flavor from the cannabinoids and terpenes on the back palate.

By 5:30 pm, I had successfully entered all of my expenses into Quickbooks, called TD Ameritrade to check on some investments, and paid off upcoming credit card bills. I felt like an accounting and finance wiz! At 7:30 pm, I was so concentrated that I barely noticed how late it was getting as I was still proudly checking items off my list. From first-hand experience, I can vouch that OLO’s Focus kept me going that day.

Next on the agenda was to try “Chill.” After a long day of working at the office planning multiple events, running around San Francisco picking up supplies for Thursday Infused, and heading to Oakland for a press meeting, I needed a break and was looking forward to getting home to relax for the night. Having to wake up early the next morning, I cut the 5-milligram Chill strip in half and took it before eating dinner. It was 7:30 pm. In just a few short minutes, I began to unwind. It almost felt like I drank a glass of red wine. A couple of hours later, my body still felt mellow and calm, but my mind clear. Because I took such a small dose, I didn’t get a head change. Sublingual strips are great for this reason. You can cut it into smaller pieces to cater to how you want to feel.

My fiancé tested out the Chill strip, but he opted for 10-milligrams. Since he has a higher tolerance and different metabolism than myself, this was the perfect dosage for him. In addition to the relaxing side effects of Chill, we both had a slight case of the munchies. As a food lover, this is never a bad thing. Food just tastes so much better when you’re a little high!

I have yet to try Active and Social, but I cannot wait to see what complimenting attributes they bring. The OLO team has done an incredible job blending together these unique experiences, all from a complex plant that has so many layers that we are just beginning to discover. It is refreshing to see such a thoughtful, innovative product. In the future, I think more cannabis products will evolve into this level of scientific precision. I am excited to learn more.

For additional information about OLO, please visit their website at or follow on social media @getolo.

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

Jamie Evans

The Herb Somm


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