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From Fashion to Edibles

We can’t get enough of Lizzy Tish High Tea Cookies

Photo Credit: Lizzy Tish Cookies

On a warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon in Venice, California, we had the pleasure of having coffee with Marilyn Robinson, Founder of Lizzy Tish Cookies. After meeting this thoughtful edible producer and learning her story, Robinson’s perfectly designed cookies have quickly become a new favorite.

Leaving her career as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, Robinson decided to follow her passion back to her roots of cooking. At the young age of nine years old, she would spend hours baking with her mother. She notes, “It was my mother who gave me the nickname “Lizzy Tish,” which stemmed from an old radio show personality Tizzie Lish.” Tizzie Lish was a character on the radio show Al Pearce and His Gang who would proceed to dictate recipes, insisting for listeners to write them down.

Photo Credit: Lizzy Tish Cookies

Robinson’s love for creating recipes didn’t stop there. In 2017, she launched her high tea cookies in three different flavors: Rose Pistachio, Lemon Chamomile, and Chocolate Earl Grey with Sea Salt. Each shortbread biscuit contains 10 milligrams of THC, handmade in small batches from organic ingredients. We had the pleasure of sampling all three flavors.

Rose Pistachio - marked with a pink label, the Lizzy Tish Rose Pistachio cookies are incredibly scrumptious. After the first bite, lovely notes of sweet pistachio and vanilla delight the palate. The flavor is perfectly balanced without imparting any green flavors from the infusion. We especially love the crushed rose petals that are incorporated into the cookie dough. A gorgeous presentation all around.

Lemon Chamomile - marked with a pale yellow label, the Lemon Chamomile cookie made by Lizzy Tish begins with bright citrus flavors on the palate followed by the comforting notes of chamomile and floral sweetness. This shortbread was made to be paired with freshly brewed herbal tea. The cookie’s delicate flavor is suitable for any occasion.

Chocolate Earl Grey with Sea Salt - marked with a brown label, Lizzy Tish’s Chocolate Earl Grey cookie is sultry on the nose. Layers of dark chocolate aromas jump out of the packaging after opening. This cookie also tastes delicious, masterfully blending the flavors of chocolate, herbal notes, and sea salt. This cookie would be an excellent match for a Late-Bottled Vintage (L.B.V.) Port after dinner.

Photo Credit: Lizzy Tish Cookies

Not only are the cookies made with such attention and care, so is the packaging. Robinson designed the attractive label by hand, carefully sketching each detail for all three flavors. Packaged in a gleaming gold tin, each container presents five cookies. You can tell Marilyn Robinson was once a fashion designer. Her keen sense of style and presentation are flawless. She jokes, “I went from designing fashion to designing cookies!” We couldn't agree more.

To learn more about Lizzy Tish Cookies or Marilyn Robinson, please visit Also find her on Instagram @lizzytishcookies.

Many thanks to Marilyn for meeting with us and sharing her lovely product!

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm

Photo Credit: Lizzy Tish Cookies



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