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Bloom Farms Brings Community Together with Bloom Fit Yoga

Cannabis and yoga. Can you think of a better combination? Bloom Farms, a San Francisco-based company, has created just that. A one of a kind, enlightening experience that brings the community together with mind and body wellness.

Established in 2014, Bloom Farms is a medical cannabis company on a mission. Through sustainable practices and mindful awareness of providing the best products for their patients, the brand is designed around their mantra: “relaxation, relief, creativity and fun.”

As a socially responsible organization, they are a One-for-One company donating one meal for every purchase made. Their goal is to donate one million meals in 365 days to food-insecure families throughout California stemming from founder Michael Ray and his team's exemplary vision to give back to those in need.

Bloom Farms is also ahead of the curve when it comes to health and fitness. In addition to creating their own handcrafted cannabis oil sourced from local farmers, they have recently launched Bloom Fit, a yoga program that combines vinyasa, good vibes and herb.

Bloom Farms Experiential Marketing Manager Lizi Trautman explains her philosophy behind Bloom Fit.

“I take pride in affiliating myself as a ‘yogi’”, she says. “For many years now, I have consumed edibles and flower to heighten my yoga classes and to deepen my practice. Yoga is many different things to many different people but for me to be satisfied, I still need to feel like I got a good workout in. With nearly seven years in the Bay Area and hundreds of different yoga classes and instructors, I’ve found certain aspects that make each class and studio special. I’ve worked to combine all of my favorite bits to build Bloom Farms yoga classes into Bloom Fit.”

We were lucky enough to attend a session with Trautman and her team in Oakland. The experience begins when you first purchase a ticket for the event. The location is held in secret until the night before. Feelings of curiosity and excitement manifested as the event approached. What do they have in store?

On the evening of the event, guests are welcomed by friendly Bloom Fit staff who give a brief introduction of the night’s agenda and offer one of Bloom Farms' signature Highlighter™

Vape Pens to choose from. The selection includes Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid. Trautman notes, "Our pens are built for microdosing, and that's exactly what you want when you are combining yoga with cannabis."

Don’t worry about bringing your yoga mat either because the Bloom Fit team has it covered. Bright blue and purple yoga mats are provided, neatly set up in front of their glorious altars decorated with candles, plants, twinkling lights and special keepsakes. There is also kombucha and flavored “spa water” on tap plus fresh fruit and fondu available for sampling.

After check in, a delicious smell begins to fill the air - a selection of Full Flower pre-rolls. There is a warm community feeling as yogis pass the cannabis around, casually meeting each other and sharing stories on how they discovered the event.

Following the introduction, the Bloom Fit yoga instructor (who was absolutely incredible!) welcomes attendees to their mats. The yoga practice begins with mellow tunes and some deep stretching to rid any stress from the day. Fellow yogis take a deep inhale and exhale of their vape pens to further ease the body of any aches or pains, and to induce a gentle meditation.

The practice progresses into a vinyasa flow perfectly paired with music from Lykki Li, Little Dragon and St. Lucia. You can feel the energy in the room - everyone is smiling and stretching it out. There is even some playful laughter as the instructor calls for partner poses.

As the practice comes to a close, the room is dark besides the colorful light show of blooming flowers and celestial stars projected on the ceiling and walls of the yoga space. Final meditation brings a deep inner peace and comfort to the soul.

After the yoga concludes, enlightened yogis mingle and enjoy each other's company. There is a true sense of community, new friends have been made and yogis are eager to book their next class.

Trautman notes, “I feel honored that some of our members have made Bloom Fit a regular practice. We have several attendees who have yet to miss a class. With so many passionate students, we are thinking of ramping up to a weekly class by the fall with added classes like pilates, cardio, and maybe even some silent disco and acro yoga classes.”

For anyone looking for a unique experience that taps into the mind, body and soul, be sure to check out Bloom Farms and Bloom Fit Yoga. A truly amazing company with an incredible vision that’s bringing the community together.

Stay tuned for more yoga, wellness and weed.

Peace, Love and Cannabis,

The Herb Somm


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