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Top 5 Edible Brands to Shop For Now

If we could describe infused edibles with one word it would be "delicious". As the cannabis industry continues to grow, there are so many notable brands that are impressing the palate with delectable canna-culinary creations. It’s not all about the pot brownies anymore. Edible producers are changing the gourmet landscape by introducing products that can be incorporated into homemade recipes as well as producing high-end delicacies that are finely crafted with artisanal cannabis.

As any marketing pro would know, to build a superior product you must first differentiate your brand by determining the four P’s: Price, Product, Promotion, Place. We’ve curated a list of the top five edible brands that seem to be doing everything right. The prices are fair, the products are exceptional, the brands have a strong presence, the packaging is on point, and the product can be easily purchased. Did we mention they all taste insanely good?

1. KIVA Confections

This should come as no surprise if you are an edible lover. KIVA Confections is one of our favorite brands that produces the popular Petra Mints, Terra Bites, and KIVA Bars. This California-based collective only uses natural ingredients when infusing their signature confections, and believes in educating their consumers with informative packaging. KIVA also produces clean and pesticide-free products. We had a chance to visit their production facility and were impressed by their stringent testing process. Before making their infusions, the trim used in their products is tested for 400 different types of pesticides. If even one is found, the entire batch of trim is rejected and returned to the grower. Producing a consistent and top-quality edible is a priority for this incredible brand. With over a dozen products, KIVA provides a wide selection of confections that suit every need. This versatile brand is a must try whether you need a 2-milligram mint or a 180-milligram bar.

KIVA Confection can be found at these locations.

2. Flour Child

Founded in 2015, Flour Child produces some beautiful edible products that are sourced from the finest organic ingredients grown on small family farms in California. The brand’s seasonal jam is strain specific, perfectly combining the rich flavors of fruit with the strain’s unique characteristics. Flour Child also produces a granola that is out of this world. There is something so comforting about the flavors of this toasted oat treat, perfect for breakfast or for a light snack on the road. The brand’s packaging is also classy and sophisticated. Any foodie would be thrilled to have these products in their kitchen.

Flour Child can be found at these locations.

Flour Child Granola

Image credit: Flour Child

3. Pot d’Huile

If you love to cook infused meals, having an amazing olive oil to use in the kitchen is a key ingredient to making a great recipe. One of the best infused olive oils we’ve come across is Pot d’Huile. Based in San Francisco, this high-end gourmet olive oil company produces a superior product that is made from cannabis and Hojiblanca-Arbequina olives, sourced from small family farms located in the Sierra Foothills of California. The cannabis strain used for this infusion is Gorilla Cookies, a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies. In addition to the olive oil’s gorgeous color and sumptuous taste, Pot d’Huile’s packaging is also striking. The sleek, sexy bottle, handwritten back label, and contemporary label design looks like it belongs in a luxury department store. This is a must try if you love to cook as much as we do!

Pot d’Huile can be found at Sparc, Vapor Room, and Fire AF Deliveries in San Francisco.

Image credit: Luke Beard

4. Higher Confections

Cannabis and chocolate seem to be a perfect combinationHigher Confectionsa San Francisco-based company, has mastered the art of combining the flavors of two of our favorite indulgences. We discovered this magical brand while attending the High Times Cannabis Cupn Santa Rosa. The brand’s mouthwatering infused chocolates are exceptional. Made in one of California's premier boutique chocolate factories, the Higher Confections team brings decades of chocolate making experience to their products. One of our favorites is their Sea Salted Caramel . i, bites (60mg CBD | 60mg THC). Each box comes with 4 pieces hand dipped in chocolate and lightly topped with sea salt. Higher Confection’s classy packaging is gorgeous, making these chocolates a perfect treat for a special occasion.

Visit the Higher Confections website to learn more about their products and offerings.

5. Cloud Confections

If you love low-dose edibles, Cloud Confections might be your next favorite brand. This new company offers carefully infused 2-milligram chocolate covered coffee bean bites and blueberry bites that are utterly delicious. The company also has some highly notable partners including Four Barrel Coffee who supplies their coffee beans made from Ethiopia Qorema, a fully washed heirloom coffee variety that delivers bright, clean, floral notes. We hope you enjoy this exciting newcomer!

If you are a member of Eaze, you can simply order this product online or through the app for a quick delivery.

Looking for more edible recommendations? Be sure to follow our blog and social media channels @theherbsomm each week for updates on our new favorite products. We hope you give these brands a try!

Peace, Love & Cannabis,

The Herb Somm



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